Has rookie trio of Strider, Harris II, and Grissom saved Braves season?


92.9 The Game Atlanta Braves insider Grant McAuley joined Dukes and Bell for his regular appearance on the show and talked about the Vaughn Grissom's impact on the team, and has the trio of Strider, Harris II, and Grissom saved the Braves season?

When asked about Vaughn Grissom’s contribution since his call up last week.

“The bat’s the real big carrying tool for Grissom every single step of the way, I do think that he’s capable as a shortstop, though the defensive component isn’t going to be that of Dansby Swanson,” McAuley said. “At second base it’s just a position he hasn’t played as much and it’s out of necessity that the Braves had to try and get creative and inject some offense into their lineup at that position something they haven’t had all season long basically because Ozzie was struggling and then they weren’t getting a ton with Ozzie out. It’s not really the glove so much that’s going to make or break Grissom, I think he’s capable at second base. He was out there before the game for about 30-40 minutes with Ron Washington going through every possible conceivable drill that you could go through just to get him some extra time out at that position and to keep him as familiar as possible with a place that he hasn’t played a lot.”

McAuley said that how Grissom is working with Ron Washington to improve his defense.

“That bat can play, the line drive power that he has, the eleven pitch walk that he worked in the ninth inning against the Marlins to really set that whole rally in motion after the Harris homerun that’s one of the biggest plate appearances, I think of any Brave all season long. Because it was when you needed it most and I think that’s the kind of player that he is and the kind of player that we’ve seen over this first week or so and now the challenge is to try and settle in and do that on a nightly basis.”