Is Mike Soroka's future in doubt as he heads to IL again?


92.9 The Game Atlanta Braves insider Grant McAuley joined Dukes and Bell for his regular appearance on the show and talked about the Braves putting pitcher Mike Soroka on the injured list with elbow soreness and what that means for his future.

Why Mike Soroka was put on the IL today by the Braves.

“Elbow soreness is the reason he is going on the injured list and obviously that pretty much closes the door on the season for him because there’s just simply not time for it,” McAuley said. “I think that our expectations as we moved past the all-star break and even once he got on that rehab assignment was maybe if everything just goes right, he looks good and most importantly feels good, maybe he gets a chance to throw for the Braves at the big league level in some capacity this year. By some capacity I mean maybe start a game before the season is over but I don’t think this really alters the plan obviously for what the Braves were currently dealing with in terms of one through five in the rotation and anything else.”

McAuley said that despite this minor setback the plan hasn’t changed for Soroka’s long term rehab plan.

“It’s unfortunate that he had this, the good news is they’ve done all the imaging there’s no structural damage and I think the focus for Mike continues to be the same, you back on the pitcher’s mound, you made half a dozen minor league starts, your goal is to get back on that major league mound in 2023. I don’t think that this should really dampen anyone’s overall outlook for it, even if it does kinda maybe dampen the spirits a little bit here for his season to end right now as opposed to maybe getting that chance that we’ve been talking about for so long.”