Charlie Morton is just what the doctor ordered


The Atlanta Braves have a lot of expectations going into the 2021 season. They are a team that was one win away from getting back into the World Series.

The Braves lost Mike Soroka back in August to an Achilles injury, so getting him back healthy will be just what the doctor ordered. Even if Soroka comes back healthy, there are still some questions outside of him and Max Fried. To try to answer some of those questions the Braves brought in Drew Smyly and Charlie Morton.

No one really knows what Smyly will bring to the table but Jon Chuckery believes that Morton can be special. "It's really going to be a nice veteran piece right there in the middle of the rotation," Chuckery said.  The stars would have to align for Morton to get back onto the All-Star track he enjoyed a few years ago because he did struggle in 2020.

But the signing of Morton could be one of those moves that the Braves strike gold with, and possibly put them over the top against a team like the Los Angeles Dodgers.