Braves' pitching staff isn't built for October


The Atlanta Braves finally looked like they were in position to live up to their expectations coming into the season. It was very clear, in their clubhouse, that the Braves wanted to redeem themselves after losing to the Los Angeles Dodgers in the NLCS.

When looking at the Dodgers, the one position that no will question is the pitching staff. And looking at the Braves' roster, the pitching staff is a group that could use some help. If the Braves' lineup can get rolling, it could possibly carry them to another National League East title. But the pitching staff is what will win a World Series.

Gabe Burns, of the AJC, joined the Jon Chuckery show and opined on if the Braves have enough arms to get it done in October. "It's not a staff that's going to intimidate you," Burns said.

The Braves have been known, traditionally, for having a pitching staff that could get it done. That hasn't been the case in 2021. If there is a move to be made, it would behoove the Braves to make it.