Will Marcell Ozuna be with the Atlanta Braves in 2022?


MLB has given Marcell Ozuna a retroactive 20-game suspension for Violation of Domestic Violence Policy. Ozuna will be eligible to return immediately since he served the games when he was placed on administrative leave in September. Dukes & Bell talked about whether Ozuna will play another game for the Braves.

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Will Marcell Ozuna be an Atlanta Brave in 2022?
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Carl talked about the length of the suspension.

“Here’s what we know what is coming out about his circumstances," Dukes said. "I don’t know if you’re a Braves fan and you don’t want Marcell Ozuna back on this team or you do. The Braves made an investment, they’re getting nothing for the investment right now. "[A] 20-game suspension, I know it sounds like a lot guys, but I want to put it in context because there have been other guys who have been in similar situations with domestic violence who have either missed the entire season or a majority of it.

"Domingo German is a Yankees pitcher who basically hit his girlfriend in a restaurant, it was witnessed, there was a video, there was no debating it, he missed 81 games. You’re talking about 20 games, and it says to me there was more to this than we thought and MLB obviously has done its investigation and says 20 games is what this suspension deserves. Now again that doesn’t mean we condone the actions of whatever happened.”

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Mike talked about whether Ozuna could be with the Braves in 2022.

“It’s the optics of the situation," Bell said. "Has he paid his penitence? There’s people out there that no matter what the circumstances are, 'oh no no no.' I would like to see this guy get another opportunity with this organization.”