The biggest reason Arthur Blank isn't going to fire Arthur Smith

Atlanta Falcons head coach Arthur Smith
Atlanta Falcons head coach Arthur Smith Photo credit © Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

The Falcons head into their Week 11 bye on a 3-game losing streak and amidst quite a bit of fan frustration, questions were asked about Arthur Smith's job security, but there is no expectation at this time that Arthur Blank will make any changes during the season, and for good reason.

While Falcons Owner Arthur Blank clearly expected more from this team after finally spending some money in free agency, and with the first 10 games of the season certainly underwhelming, there's no denying that currently the Falcons are still right in the middle of a playoff race.

The light at the end of the tunnel is there's still 5 more division games and you could potentially win all of them, and being the top team is the NFC South is all they have to do to justify retaining Arthur Smith. The leadership of this franchise still believes this can be a playoff year, and while that's still possible and on the table, no changes will be made.

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