'It's more fun to play defense, you get to hit people' says Falcons LB Troy Andersen


Atlanta Falcons second round pick Troy Andersen joined Dukes & Bell after his first NFL practice and why he likes playing defense instead of offense where he started out playing during his college career.

When asked why he likes to play defense.

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'It's more fun to play defense, because you get to hit people' says Falcons LB Troy Andersen
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“It’s definitely more fun to play defense than offense, you get to hit people, hitting people is a lot more fun than getting tackled,” Andersen said. “Playing defense, read and react, it’s a blast.”

Andersen talked about his strengths as a player coming out of college.

“I think it starts with how hard I play, I think I’m an extremely smart player, kinda be that quarterback of the defense at middle linebacker. To pick up things and study film, pick up tells and tendencies from offenses, I think that those are some of the things I do really well.”