In order to fix, Falcons must identify problems first


What’s the problem with the Atlanta Falcons?

Dukes & Bell talked about the issues our team has and what they think the problems are.

Carl talked about the issues that could be holding the team back.

“Whether it’s attention to detail, whether it’s late-game strategy, which we just experienced with Raheem Morris, or a different perspective with decision-making going for it on fourth and 5 and somebody saying 'Hey Coach let’s go ahead and take the points,'” Dukes said. “Maybe it’s just simply players making plays. I know many of you believe that it’s personnel and guys like Julio and Matt should be traded for whatever reason and that’s going to help us. The personnel part of this is set, at least for this season, there’s not one deal that we could make that would make us better.

“Identify our problem. I think it’s important for our organization to identify the problem because that’s how you solve it. And if you think it’s simply coaching then that’s solvable because you’re going to get a new coach. If you think it’s personnel you can’t solve that right now but you can solve some of that in the offseason.”