Which Falcon needs to emerge for offense to reach the next level?


Atlanta Falcons radio analyst Dave Archer joined Dukes & Bell to talk about the team’s win against the Vikings, what they need to do this week, plus what Falcons player does he think needs to emergence for the offense to take the next step?

Archer talked about the player on offense he thinks needs to emerge.

“I think Hayden Hurst has to continue to emerge to help that group, because I think Hayden Hurst has the ability a really good pass catching tight end.” Archer said “But again we’ve only seen little bits and pieces, I think we got him the ball four or five times last weekend.”

“Like to see that continue to get to be a bigger piece, because if that guy can make those kind of plays in that tight end spot, now all of a sudden you’re helping those guys on the outside and it is an emerging receiver core.”