The 1 John Collins trade that makes sense for the Hawks

Recent reports link the Atlanta Hawks and San Antonio Spurs in a John Collins, Dejounte Murray swap

The NBA draft has finally arrived and as the Atlanta Hawks prepare for Thursday night’s event, the rumors of what the team may do in efforts to improve its roster continue to pop up.

As recent as Wednesday afternoon, reports surfaced that the Hawks were tied to the San Antonio Spurs and would send John Collins to the Spurs in exchange for Dejounte Murray. Andy and Randy began to discuss the various rumors they believe makes sense and the ones that do not make sense.

“There’s been a lot of rumors along the way. The one consistent thing has been John Collins,” Andy says to Randy noting that the Hawks’ forward has been tied to trade various trade rumors including the Sacremento Kings and the Portland Trailblazers. Both trades to which Andy says he “never fully understood the philosophy” behind the reported trades.

In reference to the rumored trade with Portland, that would have sent Collins to the Trailblazers for the No. 7 pick “never made any sense,” to him to which Randy agreed.

“That’s the thing. I went back and looked over their roster and they have nothing,” Randy added in reference to what Portland could offer outside of the No. 7 pick that the Hawks could benefit from. After discussing the other trade rumors the guys did not feel would be beneficial to Atlanta, the guys discussed Wednesday’s rumored report of the Hawks and San Antonio Spurs linked together.

“That makes a lot more sense,” Andy begins with Randy in agreement. “The thing you like best about him is he’s a versatile, talented player that can come in and help make you better. But the other thing that’s nice about him, he’s on a solid contract,” Andy points out.

"Murray signed a four-year, $65 million deal, he’s two years into it. So if you’re able to make that work, you get Dejounte Murray for two years on like a $17 million a year average, that’s a steal,” Andy added.

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