Trae Young could miss out on 2023 All Star Game; up to the coaches now


The 2023 NBA All Star Starters were announced last night and Trae Young's name was not announced, and while that wasn't a surprise in itself, the updated voting results were also released and Trae lost ground among Eastern Conference Guards and could miss out on appearing at the 2023 All Star Game altogether.

John and Hugh can't believe that Trae is viewed so poorly by the players, finishing 12th in the East despite being voted 5th by the fans and 6th by the media.

"That's telling," says Hugh Douglas. "It's something about Trae that his peers are not feeling. Everybody is not going to like you, but it's telling when you have that many people that are your peers that feel some kind of way about you."

"It's damning in a lot of ways. I can see where Trae can be annoying and we've seen things," says John Fricke, "but there is no way that Traeis not a top 12 guard in the East.

The NBA All Star Reserves will be voted on by the coaches in each conference with those results announced next Thursday, and with 7 reserve spots available, Trae is right on the borderline of being selected or missing out entirely.

Featured Image Photo Credit: © Alonzo Adams-USA TODAY Sports