Cam Newton: 'Too personal' to discuss vaccine status

By , WEEI 93.7

FOXBOROUGH -- Following Patriots training camp practice Thursday, Cam Newton met with the media and the first question was related to his vaccine status.

Here's how the exchange went.

Reporter: I wanted to ask you a quick non-training camp question, it’s about the NFL and the vaccine and everything. Only reason I ask is because the NFL has instituted different rules that could effect your availability based on whether you’re vaccinated or not. So, I am just curious, have you got the vaccine at this point, or are you in the process of it at all?

Newton: Have you got the vaccine?

Reporter: Personally, I have. Yes. I’m curious about you.

Newton: I think it’s too personal for each and every person to kind of discuss it. And I’ll just keep it at that.

The veteran quarterback has come out to practice each day wearing a mask, while the vast majority of other players have not worn masks.

Earlier, Mac Jones also declined to answer whether or not he was vaccinated, but added a lot of players are, and that's good.