Are people being fair to Stetson Bennett?

College Football Gametime was talking Dawgs in the leadup to today's matchup with Kentucky and they contended whether or not people have been fair to backup QB Stetson Bennett

Another day, another prove it game for Stetson Bennett as the starting quarterback for the Georgia Bulldogs. Simply enough, it's championship or bust for the Dawgs and to this point they have struggled to keep their guys healthy. Starting quarterback JT Daniels, who has only started three games for the Dawgs, falls squarely in the middle of that area of concern. College Football Gametime discussed what the implications are if Bennett continues to start for Georgia.

"Stetson Bennett ain't no 'game manager', Stetson Bennett is a gunslinger," Randy McMichael said. "Stetson will throw the ball all over the yard if they let him. He's not afraid of the moment."

Randy certainly has a point. It feels as if the people are viewing Stetson Bennett through a lens that expired a year ago. He is being judged - often unfairly - for mistakes he made last season. To this point, Bennett has thrown for 746 yards - on 12 yards per attempt - and 8 touchdowns. When asked to, he has shown the ability to unleash passes down the field.

With that said, Kentucky (and any of Georgia's future opponents) will still likely try to put it all on #13's shoulders. Kirby will look to avoid putting that sort of pressure on his quarterback as he has all season.

"Stetson Bennett has played five games to JT Daniels' three. He has nine fewer pass attempts and he is almost 10% lower in his completion percentage with the same number of interceptions," contends Jon Chuckery. "Would they have beat Clemson week one with Stetson Bennett at quarterback?"

Chris Goforth says yes, "because Georgia has not been put in a 'score or else situation'".

A dominant defense and another dominant rushing attack play an important role in his, and Georgia's, success to this point. But to it is unfair to discount Bennett's contributions to the team's success this season. He has been tough, gritty, and exactly what they've needed to this point.

But can the Dawgs finish the drill with him at the helm? We'll certainly find out soon enough.