Dez Bryant wants to mentor NFL players struggling with mental health

Bryant expressed 'God gave him a gift'
Dez Bryant
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In the world of professional sports, with the lives of players being scrutinized daily, it takes strength and support to not succumb to a life of substance abuse. However, even those with countless support, may find themselves struggling with their mental wellbeing.

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Earlier this year, former NFL star, Vincent Jackson was found dead in his hotel room with reports stating that “chronic alcoholism” and “chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE)” contributed to his tragic death. In light of this, NFL Wide Receiver, Dez Bryant, revealed his plan to help prevent other players from suffering from a similar fate.

When asked by TMZ Sports if he would ever consider broadcasting, he expressed he’s “biased to the players.” The Texas native continued, “I care about players’ well-beings. Who they really are.” He went on to mention that since many get “caught up” with social media, he wants to “teach these players their true value.” Due to depression and other mental battles, there have been several athletes who have taken their own lives. “Depression and anxiety, all that s*** is real, man,” he expressed. While he didn’t explicitly say he was actively pursuing the path of a life coach or mentor, it was heavily implied by him saying “God gave [him] a gift” to identify when someone is struggling with something internally.

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