KNX Hero: Community activist helping hundreds of kids find safe places to live

Los Angeles (KNX) - David Matthews (no, not that Dave Matthews) is a community activist in Gardena, working hard to help unhoused families in Harbor Gateway.

Matthews tells KNX reporter Heather Jordan he spends many hours every day in the streets, tirelessly reporting illegal dumping, graffiti and addressing any homeless issues that he thinks need the attention of a mental health specialist.

One of Matthews' biggest concerns is the high number of children living without a permanent home. He estimates that there are currently 100 children living in RVs along the Broadway Corridor.

"When I found out in January that we had that amount of children in these RVs, I immediately reached out to the supervisor's office," Matthews said. "We got all these kids, and we need to get resources."

Matthews has created the Harbor Gateway Chamber of Commerce, a team to help anyone who needs it. The team works with the city of Los Angeles, the city of Gardena, and the railroad to provide resources families dealing with homelessness.

Community clean up team
Community clean up team Photo credit David Matthews

"The goal now is to try to get anyone that wants housing, especially with the families, to get them off the streets immediately," Matthews said. "I just don't want to see history keep repeating itself. And I think that's where we as a community can come together and reshape it."

If you would like to learn more about David Matthews' work, you can visit the Harbor Gateway Chamber of Commerce website.

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Featured Image Photo Credit: David Matthews