KNX Hero's nonprofit helps impoverished kids one donation at a time

Skipping a latte, to share some love. Our KNX Helpful Honda Hero of the Week is helping impoverished kids around the world live better lives, one small donation at a time!

Shelene Bryan was once a Hollywood producer. Now, she runs a non-profit out of Westlake Village that helps kids all over the globe!

" is a 501C3 that I started back in 2009, because of a trip I took to Africa. It really shifted the atmosphere of my life!" explains Shelene. "I had sponsored a couple of little children, like most [of the KNX listeners] do. I got a little boy for our son Blake. And, then we got a little girl for our daughter, Brooke. I never thought anything of it, Heather, of sending $38.00 a month."

One night, while hosting a party, a guest questioned if the sponsorship was real. Well, curiosity won that battle. Shelene boarded a flight and traveled to West Africa, to see the kids in person.

Shelene and kids

"I showed up in this little village [in Uganda, West Africa] and I said 'I'm from America, I came to meet my two children!'" explains Shelene. "She goes 'follow me' and two miles later, she says 'this is Omega's house.' And, that's my little girl, on my refrigerator."

The woman tells Shelene to go inside. "I pulled this sheet back [and] this little child darts at me. She had grown from her cute photo and I said 'Omega, I'm Shelene!' She goes 'I know!' I was holding her like I would my daughter Brooke, thinking she's real! And then my eye catches the Christmas card photo of our family!"

"I'm thinking, if my girlfriends back home in Los Angeles, if they knew that I was skipping a manicure and pedicure, and I'm keeping these kids alive, fed and in school - they'd skip it [too]!" says Shelene. "So when I got back, I started Because we all can skip one thing, once in our life, for the sake of someone else."

Shelene and kids

Pick one day, like your birthday, to skip one thing! The money donated to the website goes directly to global food and water programs.

"It's contagious," says the married mother of two, "and you're never going to miss that Subway sandwich. But the children's lives that you just saved, [they] will never forget you!"

Shelene Bryan does it all! TED Talks, a podcast called The Splash, and she is now dedicating her life to serving others! She's our KNX Hero of the Week!

KNX Heroes is brought to you by California Resources Corporation, saluting our military veterans, and all of our heroes! Go to for more information.

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