LADA will no longer share content on Twitter

George Gascón
George Gascón Photo credit KNX News

Los Angeles (KNX) - According to a Tweet sent out Tuesday by the Los Angeles County District Attorney's office, the LADA will no longer share content on Twitter.

The message indicates the reason for the decision is due to a rise in "unchecked vitriol targeting marginalized communities, false information, [and] lack of community guideline enforcement..."

The DA's office says while they respect the First Amendment, their Twitter comment section has become filled with messages that go against their obligation to promote "save and inclusive environments."

The Tweet continues by saying comments frequently found on their page have "violated not only our own standards of conduct but have had the potential to harm members of our community."

DA George Gascó's office offers reassurance to the community, committing to transparency and accessibility through all other social media platforms.

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Featured Image Photo Credit: KNX News