Mayor Karen Bass marks 100th day of administration

Mayor Karen Bass
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LOS ANGELES (CNS) - Los Angeles Mayor Karen Bass touted what she said were milestones on several fronts Wednesday as she marked the 100th day of her administration.

"My top priority from day one to day 100 of my administration has been confronting the homelessness crisis with the urgency it requires, and that won't stop," Bass said in a statement. "Together, we will work to make Los Angeles safer and more livable in every neighborhood."

According to Bass' office, within the first 100 days of her administration, an estimated 3,873 Angelenos have been housed through various strategies including declaring a state of emergency and implementing Inside Safe, a city-wide program to bring people inside from tents and encampments.

Bass has also issued executive directives to accelerate building of housing and unlock public land for housing. According to her office, the city reported 360 qualifying projects under review to be expedited, totaling 8,238 affordable housing units, and is analyzing more than 3,300 parcels of city- owned land to determine what can be used to develop permanent affordable housing or interim shelters.

Her administration also secured $60 million from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development to provide housing and supportive services through the city, and an additional $196.2 million from the state for multifamily and infill developments for the city and across Los Angeles County.

The mayor laid out several public safety priorities including hiring and increasing of police officers, and support training for officers to respond to mental health crises.

She established the Office of Community Safety, which will support non- punitive strategies that reduce crime, including civilian first responders, violence interruption, re-entry services and youth diversion programs. The gang reduction and youth development program, which the Office of Community Safety oversees, has responded to 153 incidents to reduce community violence and tension throughout the city.

The mayor emphasized her work in responding to crises, including the mass shooting in Monterey Park, through the crisis response team; her work to advance safety on LA Metro; and combating drug overdoses by training 350 staff members on how to administer Naloxone, better known as Narcan, to reverse the effects of opioids.

Bass has also issued a series of emergency declaration to respond to recent storms. These declarations enabled the city to coordinate responses and secure federal and state funds for significant impacts to the city's power system and infrastructure.

Bass said her office also rolled out regional legal aid assistance to help businesses recover from the coronavirus pandemic, and touted her support for the city's al fresco dining program.

Bass also said she has coordinated with general managers and met with several stakeholders to inform her first budget, which is due in April.
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Featured Image Photo Credit: Craig Fiegener/KNX News 97.1 FM