PHOTO: CHP nabs fake mannequin in carpool violation

CHP Baldwin Park Twitter
CHP Baldwin Park Twitter Photo credit CHP Baldwin Park Twitter

Some people would go the extra mile to use the carpool lane!

The California Highway Patrol says it has pulled over a driver in Baldwin park -- who had a very life-like looking dummy in the passenger seat.

The mannequin had a face mask, reading glasses, a baseball cap.  The creator went as far as adding facial wrinkles and salt and pepper hair, too!

Even the CHP was impressed. The CHP West Valley even wrote on its Facebook page: "Fake passenger to avoid a carpool ticket? Or Disneyland animatronic just trying to assimilate to normal life outside the park? Should we ticket for violation or give a warning based purely on ingenuity? Too good not to share from CHP - Baldwin Park"

The driver -- of course -- has been ticketed for carpool violation.