You Can Now Buy 7-Up Cake at Walmart


While you may be baking or wanting to try something new, there's nothing wrong with trying obscure new flavors.

If you want to be really brave, you can buy a 7-Up-flavored cake at Walmart.

Delish reported that 7-Up is well known in some baking recipes. It helps gives the baked good a most, while adding some extra flavor.

Now, if you want to buy this 7-Up cake, it is available at Walmart, Safeway, and Aldi. The cake has a lemon-lime flavor and icing at the top. The Snackbetch account on Instagram posted the sweet treat and reported that Aldi and Safeway sell it as well.

The account captioned the photo, "7Up Soda Cake! Found at Safeway, Walmart, & Aldi. Tag a friend who would eat this!"

Snackbetch's followers all seem to love the 7-Up cake. Some even shared that there are other versions of soda-flavored baked goods. One commenter shared that they saw an Orange Crush flavored cake at the grocery store.

Another user commented on the post and said, "I was pleasantly surprised by this." While another user noted that they always buy this cake when they see it at the store.

On Delish's website, it even has a recipe for the 7-Up pound cake. If you're bored during quarantine, follow these directions.

Ingredients for the cake:

Cooking spray

(2 sticks) butter, softened

granulated sugar

5 large eggs, room temperature

1 tsp. pure vanilla extract

1 tsp. lime zest

1 tsp. lemon zest