59 donuts in eight minutes?

Five Things You Need To Know for Monday, June 5, 2023.
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Five Things for Monday:

1. Cotton candy-flavored Oreo cookies will be returning to store shelves on June 5th.

2. An Upper Darby, Pennsylvania bus driver has been arrested for duct taping a 10 year old to his seat. Juliet Lee Pratt taped the student's ankles arms and chest with so much duct tape that she needed a seatbelt cutter to free him once they arrived at school. Authorities reviewed surveillance tapes from the bus and saw that the child had done nothing to warrant being taped. Pratt said she taped the child to the seat because she did not want him kicking the bus or other students. The victim was not acting out at all. Pratt admitted taping him to a seat one other time.

3. It's National Attitude Day.

4. James Webb won the World Donut Eating Championship on Friday. He downed 59.5 donuts in eight minutes. James beat Joey Chestnut's record by 4.5 donuts.

5. (Fun Fact): Holtsville, New York has the lowest ZIP code . . . 00501. Ketchikan, Alaska has the highest. It's 99950.

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