A possible magic diet pill

Five Things You Need To Know for Friday, March 24, 2023
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Five Things for Friday:

1. Domino's Pizza is liquidating all of its assets in Italy because Italians aren't fans of their pizza. All of Domino's restaurants in Italy closed last year.

2. The Daily Mail says researchers from the University of Texas are developing a pill that makes you skinny without dieting. They hope to start human trials next year. Scientists have been testing the drug as an injectable on mice. The mice did not gain weight even though they were eating food high in fat, sugar and calories.

3. Jason Scott, of Moore County, North Carolina, bought his wife a $68,000 Maserati for her birthday. He purchased the car from Carvana and only recently learned that it was stolen. Jason found out about the theft after he took the car to a dealership for service. The car was a 2017 model not a 2021 as advertised by Carvana. The cops have impounded the car.

4. It's Great American Take Out Day.

5. (Fun Fact): The biggest temperature change over a 24-hour period in history happened on January 15th, 1972 in Loma, Montana. The temperature jumped from negative 54 degrees all the way up to 49 degrees. That's a 103-degree swing.

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