Baked bean pizza anyone?

Five Things You Need To Know for Monday, November 21, 2022
Baked Beans
Baked Beans Photo credit Getty Images

Five Things You Need To Know for Monday:

1. The average person plans to spend $1,455 on the holidays this year. Of that, $507 will go towards gift buying.
2. Heinz is selling a baked bean pizza. The pizza was last spotted on store shelves in 2003. The frozen pizza is topped with pizza sauce, cheese and Heinz baked beans It is available for a limited time.
3. Joe Biden will pardon two turkeys from North Carolina today. The birds will not be served on Thanksgiving and instead will head to North Carolina State University where they will be cared for.
 4. It's National Stuffing Day.
 5. (Fun Fact): There's a "habanada" pepper, which tastes exactly like a habanero, but it has no heat. It actually has a Scoville Unit Level of ZERO. And yeah, habaneros DO have a taste beyond just . . . fire.

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