Do you like these candies?

Five Things You Need To Know for Thursday, December 2, 2021
Candies Photo credit Getty Images

1. Here are the worst holiday candies from (ranked 5 to 1):

5. Old-fashioned hard candy mix

4. Lifesavers storybooks

3. Reindeer corn

2. Chocolate-covered cherry cordials

1. Christmas nougat

2. Fossils found in Chile (the undiscovered dinosaur species) are from a strange-looking dog-sized dinosaur that had a unique slashing tail weapon.

3. There are 23 days remaining until Christmas.

4. It's National Skip School Day

5. (Fun Fact): In 1838, a 14-year-old boy nicknamed "The boy Jones" broke into Buckingham Palace and stole Queen Victoria's underwear.