Get paid to watch the Super Bowl

Five Things You Need To Know for Tuesday, January 31, 2023
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Five Things for Tuesday:

1. Oddspedia is going to pay someone $1,100 to watch the Super Bowl. The company's new 'employee' will get paid after they answer questions about the Big Game. Oddspedia will also provide Super Bowl snacks and drinks.

2. Thieves are now stealing eggs because of soaring prices. A thief recently broke into a Portland, Oregon sandwich shop where they stole nine dozen eggs from a food cart. The thief did not steal any money.

3. Meat vending machines are popping up in Japan. The $23 whale meat is vacuum packed before being placed in the refrigerated machines. The vending machine's owner hopes to have 100 more like it within the next five years.

4. It's National Hell Is Freezing Over Day.

5. (Fun Fact): To save money during World War One, Woodrow Wilson got rid of the White House groundskeepers and kept a flock of 48 sheep on the lawn to chew the grass. The wool sheared from the sheep was sold at auction to raise money for the Red Cross.

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