How about a "Pigs in a Blanket" milkshake?

Five Things You Need To Know for Thursday, November 17, 2022.
Milkshake Photo credit Getty Images

Five Things You Need To Know for Thursday:

1. Subway is debuting new vending machines that contain pre-made sandwiches. They are going to be installed on college campuses, at airports and in hospitals.

2. DoorDash now lets drivers block rude customers without penalty. Drivers also now have a button they can hit if they feel unsafe or threatened by customers.

3. Five Guys restaurants are celebrating the holidays with a Pigs In Blankets milkshake. The vanilla soft serve shake has bacon bits, three servings of bacon, whipped cream and a slice of bacon on top. It is available for a limited time through the end of the year.

4. It's National Farm Joke Day.

5. (Fun Fact): There are 38,864 golf courses in the world. The U.S. has the most, with around 17,000. And Japan has the second-most, with more than 3,000.

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