So you're going to sue them when they're known for this?

Five Things You Need To Know for Wednesday, May 24, 2023
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Five Things for Wednesday:

1. is debuting a new test today that will tell you whether or not you are a picky eater. Being a picky eater is determined by two genes, which the $120 test can identify. The genes are linked to limited food preferences and assertiveness.

2. A Starbucks customer, from Malaysia, is threatening to sue the coffee chain because they misspelled her name on a cup. Bavitra Ramachandran says the Barista wrote "Babi" instead of "Bavi". Babi means 'pig' when translated from Malaysian to English.

3. It's National Brother's Day.

4. Dairy Queen stores are doing away with cherry dipped cones. One Dairy Queen operator posted; "It's already sold out on our warehouse, so once we clear inventory in the store, it'll be sold out until further notice."

5. (Fun Fact): Human brains are predisposed toward distraction . . . the average brain wanders for an average of 47% of the day.

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