Solar flare incoming!

Five Things You Need To Know for Wednesday, August 17, 2022
Solar Flare
Solar Flare Photo credit Getty Images

Five Things You Need To Know for Today:

1. Solar Flare incoming! A corona mass ejection is making its way to the Earth at a speed of 1 million mph and will affect Earth the rest of this week with possible GPS and communication disruptions.
 2. Pennsylvania-based toy company, called Namespace, is coming out with a Karen Barbie doll. Real Karen's are entitled and often demand to speak to the manager. The company is also releasing a Joe The Manager doll. The dolls are going to cost $18
 3. American Airlines said that it has ordered 20 of Boom’s Overture jets with an option to purchase 40 more. American said it put down a nonrefundable deposit on the first 20 planes.
4. It's Black Cat Appreciation Day!
5. (Fun Fact): There's no evidence that real Vikings ever wore helmets with horns on top.