Keith Urban credits three pints of Guinness and a bottle of Crown Royal for ‘Somebody Like You’

Times have changed for the now-sober, hit singer-songwriter
Keith Urban
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Times (and beverages of choice) have changed quite a bit for Country superstar, Keith Urban, since the 2002 release of his second number one hit “Somebody Like You” off his album, Golden Road.

While Urban, who is now alcohol-free, admits he relies on coffee and water to fuel his writing sessions nowadays, that hasn’t always been the case.

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“Back in 2001… I flew to L.A. to write with this guy, John Shanks, who I’d never met… So I’m very nervous about writing with someone I don’t know,” Keith told Audacy’s Rob + Holly. “So, I thought, ‘Before I got to this writing session, I’ll go swing by the Irish Pub.’ I swing by the Irish Pub at 9am and had a pint of Guinness, and that was really good, so I had a second one and that was ev