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Headlines Monday, February 6, 2023
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6 am Headlines

Seniors are supposedly tying loofahs to the tops of their cars to tell people they're swingers. But some people say there's a much more innocent explanation: It's really just to help them find their car in parking lots. A viral video claims to show a color-coded loofah system used by senior swingers. Each color apparently indicates the frisky owner's sexual preferences

Rick Ross says he’ll never drive a Tesla because “the government could tap into the brain of the car”

7 am Headlines

A guy in Wisconsin got 16 years in prison for shooting at a bunch of kids who threw snowballs at his car.

In a new poll, 39% of people say their current home is cleaner than the home they grew up in as a kid. And 40% of people say that their mood is "greatly" affected by the cleanliness of their home.

9 am Headlines

Wearable beanbags are a thing in Japan.

Armie Hammer said the sexual abuse allegations made against him led to a suicide attempt where he swam out into the ocean hoping to be eaten by a shark.

Here are the big winners from last night's 65th Annual Grammy Awards.

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