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Headlines For Tuesday, February 7, 2023
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6 am Headlines

Naked and armed with a toilet plunger. That's how police say a Las Vegas man terrorized a guest at a downtown Des Moines hotel last week.

AMC will soon start charging different prices for movie tickets, depending on where your seat is. The good ones in the middle will cost more, while the worst ones, like the front row, will cost less.

7 am Headlines

Some things that are often incorrectly perceived as signs of intelligence include being a contrarian, having a good memory, and dropping "academic jargon" or other fancy words.

A small ape at a zoo in Japan got pregnant in isolation a few years ago, and zookeepers just figured out how it happened.  She and an ape in the cage next to her got it on through a small HOLE less than a centimeter wide.

9 am Headlines

A 66-year-old retired woman in Texas has had dozens of men show up at her door looking for sexual relations, and she's tired of it.  She says that her address somehow got connected to a scam on a naughty website.

Scott Stapp says he deserves the blame for Creed's split, because he got "mixed up in some things" while living the rock star life, and the other guys didn't think that fit with their Christian image.

Ron Jeremy's dementia is so advanced that he thinks he's shooting a PORNO at the psychiatric facility where he's staying.  Ron was recently declared unfit to stand trial on dozens of sex abuse and rape charges.

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