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Headlines For Thursday, May 12, 2022
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6 am Headlines

A guy on a single-engine Cessna had to land the plane himself in Palm Beach, Florida on Tuesday after the pilot passed out. But, thanks to an air traffic controller named Robert Morgan, he managed to make a perfect landing.

A 22-year-old guy in Kentucky is facing attempted murder charges for shooting his mom on Mother's Day after he gave her an Xbox Controller as a gift, and it started a fight.
Luckily, her injuries were described as "non-life-threatening."

7 am Headlines

If you're a parent, you can smell about 90% of your kids' lies, right?  And if you're a kid, you'd say that, in reality, it's more like 9%.  But this trick might be able to boost lie-detecting prowess.

A 69-year-old sheriff's volunteer in Florida was caught selling drugs out of a patrol vehicle while in uniform. He was arrested and is looking at 15 years. The sheriff said he's "hotter than a bear butt on a tin roof in August."

9 am Headlines

A hotel worker in South Carolina accidentally gave two people the wrong hotel room key over the weekend.  Then instead of giving it back, they went in and stole a bunch of stuff.  It turned out some construction workers were staying in the room though and ended up beating them with a four-foot level to get their stuff back.

Madonna is auctioning off three very graphic NFTs in which things emerge from her vagina.  The videos are CGI and supposedly based on actual 3D scans and the money raised is going to charity.

1920s-era baby names are making a comeback

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