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Headlines For Tuesday, May 23, 2023
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6 am Headlines

If you see a video telling you that you need to replace your underwear every six months or a year ignore it.  According to several doctors, you never need to replace them.  As long as you wash your underwear in warm or hot water, you're killing the bacteria and keeping them safe.

Jude Law plays Henry the 8th in the new historical thriller "Firebrand". And Jude decided that in order to really inhabit the role, he should smell like Henry.

7 am Headlines

 Woody Allen was having dinner in Manhattan when his friend started choking.  Woody jumped up and performed the Heimlich.  The guy says, quote, "If it wasn’t for his quick thinking, I fear I may have died.  I owe him my life."

According to a new study out of Indiana University, one secret to a longer, happier relationship may be having a joint bank account. Married couples who merge finances may be happier, and stay together longer.

9 am Headlines

A woman keys 400 cars at 2 dealerships.

How many close friends do you have?  Most people in a new poll said between two and five.  But don't give up on making NEW friends as you get older.  The poll found seniors actually have the closest friends.  They're also the most likely to say making friends is easy.

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