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Headlines For Thursday, November 17, 2022
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6 am Headlines

Man-sized emotional support teddy bears now exist.  A site called is selling them for $160.  Each bear is 5-foot-7 and shaped like a human, with five fingers on each hand.  But it's got a teddy bear head.

61% of us are worried we'll be "out-gifted" this year, and moms are the most likely to do it. People were asked who in their family gives the best gifts. Moms ranked first, followed by "I’m the best gift-giver."

7 am Headlines

The American Farm Bureau Federation put out its annual Thanksgiving report, and it says the average dinner for ten will cost $64.05 this year, up 20%.  That's $6.41 per person, up from $5.33 a year ago.

Last Thursday morning, a man in Houston decided to dance atop a moving 18-wheeler on the Eastex Freeway. Per ABC13, the man has knocked off the truck as it passed under the Tuam Street bridge. Man Dancing on 18-Wheeler Killed After Hitting Bridge

9 am Headlines

The Ticketmaster mess on Tuesday during sales for Taylor Swift's Eras Tour wasn't just an annoyance for fans—it caught the attention of Tennessee's attorney general.

Three Romanian women were recently arrested in northern Utah, in connection with a "nationwide baby formula theft ring."  They were caught stealing thousands worth of formula, and have been charged with retail theft.

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