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Headline For Friday, November 18, 2022
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6 am Headlines

Ticketmaster has canceled today's public sale of Taylor Swift tickets, after Tuesday's presale caused so much chaos.  Ticketmaster says it now has, quote, "insufficient remaining ticket inventory" to meet demand.

The average person expects to gain five-and-a-half pounds by January 1st . . . and many of us are FINE with it.  42% admit they use the holidays as an excuse to eat whatever they want, starting around mid-November.

A man in California was arrested after breaking into an old woman's home last Friday and stealing her vacuum. He abandoned most of the vacuum outside but kept the vacuum attachment.

7 am Headlines

52% of us have at least one family member we'd love to ban from holiday get-togethers this year. The top four are aunts, uncles, nephews, and cousins. The top causes include unresolved family issues, politics, and alcohol.

9 am Headlines

Chris Hemsworth found out through genetic testing that he has a greater chance to develop Alzheimer's disease than the average person.  He was hesitant to talk about it on his show "Limitless" because he didn't want it to come off as a manipulated grab for empathy.

Sex may trigger asthma attacks

An SC man pleads guilty to tattooing minor Inside McDonald's.

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