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Headlines For Tuesday, September 27, 2022
The Rise Guys Headlines
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6 am Headlines

A man with a 48-year grudge was caught peeing and pooping on his ex-wife’s grave every day by her kids. Michael Murphy, 43, posted an incriminating video of the man getting out of his car, walking over to his mother's headstone, and urinating on it in what was described as a 'normal routine'

Brad Pitt and model Emily Ratajkowski have reportedly been dating in secret, although an insider" claims Brad isn't exclusive with anyone right now. Brad is 58 and Emily is 31.
7 am Headlines

Michigan's cannibal killer Mark David Latunski has pleaded guilty to open murder and mutilation of a body that included eating parts of his victim.

9 am Headlines

A woman in the U.K. spent three days in the hospital after her Chihuahua got a stomach bug, had a bout of diarrhea during a nap together, and pooped in her mouth while she was sleeping.

A new poll found half of us have at least one neighbor we wish would move away.

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