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Headlines For Friday, September, 30, 2022
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6 am Headlines

A guy in Tulsa was arrested on Wednesday after he parked in a handicapped spot and got caught with drugs.

Bruce Willis sold his image rights to an artificial intelligence company called Deepcake. They made a "digital twin" of him using content from "Die Hard" and "The Fifth Element" that can be used for future film projects.

7 am Headlines

 7% of people have had a credit or debit card declined on a first date.  But don't panic if it happens to you.  Most still got a second date anyway.

 McDonald's is selling Happy Meals for ADULTS next month and yes, you get a toy. There are two versions: One with a Big Mac, fries, and a drink, and one that comes with McNuggets.

9 am Headlines

The queen dead of old age.

Humans can live more than a month without food several days without water and according to one survey, maybe a few hours without WiFi.

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