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Headlines For Wednesday, September 13, 2023
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6 am Headlines

Someone in Houston gained access to an electronic construction sign on Monday, and changed the message so it said, "Due to weather, GO [EFF] YOURSELF."  A city employee said the controls where you type the message in are locked inside a box attached to the sign.  So, whoever did it probably had access, or knew how to break in.

7 am Headlines

A town in Portugal had a flash flood of RED WINE on Sunday.  Two tanks at a distillery burst and released 600,000 gallons of it into the streets.

Disney's office in New York is ironically infested with MICE (and fleas) so staffers were asked to leave immediately and work from home until further notice.  A source says the building is set to be demolished soon, so there hasn't been proper upkeep.

9 am Headlines

Demi Lovato says her "daddy issues" caused her to date older men when she was a teenager, but she now finds it "gross".  Interestingly, one of those men was Wilmer Valderrama, who was on "That '70s Show" with Danny Masterson and Ashton Kutcher.

After Travis Kelce failed to connect with Taylor Swift at one of her shows this summer, they've reportedly started seeing each other.  A source says they've been "quietly hanging out" for a few weeks.


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