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Headlines For Thursday, February 2, 2023
The Rise Guys
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6 am Headlines

It's Groundhog Day, but don't put too much stock in what Punxsutawney Phil says about when springtime will arrive.  He's only been right 39% of the time.  You'd be better off flipping a coin.

A dad let his six-year-old son play a game on his phone, but he ended up ordering $1,000 worth of food on Grubhub leading to a parade of delivery cars. It would've been more, but his credit card got locked.

7 am Headlines

Ozzy Osbourne canceled his U.K. tour with Judas Priest and retired from touring. A spinal injury from four years ago has left him physically weak and unable to travel.

9 am Headlines

A guy in Rochester, New York got home on Monday to find his neighbor wearing his clothes and eating his food with a fire raging in the background.

15 students in Mexico had to be hospitalized this week after taking part in an internet "challenge" where kids take tranquilizers and then see who can stay awake the longest.

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