Foo Fighters are once again number one, but Dave Grohl still jams on Nirvana songs

'We actually recorded some stuff'
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Foo Fighters scored another milestone as their latest album landed at the top spot on the Billboard Top Album Sales chart.

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Medicine at Midnight sold a total of 64,000 copies as Billboard reports 23,000 of those (36%) were vinyl LP sales. That number marks the third-largest sales week for the format for a hard rock album since the outlet began tracking data in 1991.

While a number one spot on the chart marks another accomplishment for the Foo Fighters, a recent interview the band did with Howard Stern has grabbed headlines. During the interview, Stern asked guitarist Pat Smear, who was a member of Nirvana at the end of their run, if he ever missed playing with the band.

“Every once in a while, me and Krist [Novoselic] and Dave [Grohl] get together and we do play as if we’re Nirvana,” Smear said. “So I don’t have to miss it — we do it. If we’re in the same town together, or whatever, we’ll get together and jam.”

Yeah, that’s a pretty big revelation. Smear added that the trio got together at the house where the Foo Fighters were recording their latest album to jam. “We actually recorded some stuff,” Grohl added.

Grohl has been reflecting on Nirvana a lot lately as Alternative Press points out the Foo Fighters frontman recently opened up about his former band on his Apple Music Hits show.

Dave called Kurt Cobain’s death “an incredibly challenging experience” and added that “one of the greatest heartbreaks of my life that Nirvana isn’t still here today making music.”

“Whether it would be called Nirvana or something else. It is one of my life’s greatest heartbreaks that Kurt isn’t still here to write more amazing songs because it’s pretty clear that he was blessed with a gift. I think it’s safe to say that he was the greatest songwriter of our generation. I’m very proud to say that I got to be his drummer and play those songs every night,” he said.

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