Duquesne ‘got what they deserved’ in season-ending loss

Dukes finish season 9-9
Duquesne head coach Keith Dambrot
Keith Dambrot Photo credit Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

PITTSBURGH (93.7 The Fan) – Coming off an impressive first Atlantic 10 tournament win in six years, Duquesne stunk to start the first half Friday against top seed St. Bonaventure and lost 75-59.

Not that head coach Keith Dambrot was surprised.

“Our issues today were predictable,” Dambrot said.  “I feel like we got what we deserved.”

“We’ve been inconsistent all year.  We’ve been inconsistent emotionally all year.  We’ve been below average as a practice team all year.  I take full responsibility for that.  We played just as inconsistently as we played all season.  That game was the epitome of inconsistency.”

Dukes shot 28% totaling 19 points in the entire, what Dambrot called ‘pitiful’, first half.  While managing to cut the 21 point halftime deficit to 8 in the second half, the Bonnies pulled away to eliminate the Dukes.

“We fought hard to get back in it,” Dambrot said.  “And died on the vine again.”

Dambrot said over-and-over following the game it falls on him, but said their problems were off the court.


“It was mostly emotional,” Dambrot said.  “It had nothing to do with basketball.  None of our issues this year have anything to do with basketball.  It’s all emotional.”

“If you’re connected you’ll overcome emotional issues and maturity issues.  But if you are phony connected, not really connected, you’re fake connected.  Then you are going to have times where they are very good and times where they’re not very good.  It’s on me, not them.”

Dambrot thought for a minute when asked about how he fixes the problem going forward.

“It’s maturity, character, caring about winning,” Dambrot said after his fourth year at Duquesne.  “We have to keep recruiting good people and recruiting at a high level.  Then hold them accountable.  If they won’t hold themselves accountable, you have to hold them accountable.  No matter the consequences otherwise the problems never get fixed.”

Dukes finished their twice-paused season 9-9.  In the championship game seven straight years at Akron, winning three, Dambrot has one Atlantic 10 Tournament win and is 65-47 overall.

He vows to make changes

“It will never happen again,” Dambrot said of these inconsistencies.  “I’m going to make sure we have a team full of guys that care about winning.  I will coach them accordingly.”