Is this caller into Cook and Joe a prank call?

"Matt" was either joking or has the best Yinzer accent ever

The Fan Morning Show debated whether or not a caller into Cook and Joe on Wednesday was legit.

The caller “Matt” was either faking or has an all-time Pittsburgh accent.

“Hey Ron, you got that guy’s number that called in from Houston last week that said the Brownies are going to whoop up on us?” asked “Matt”.

A caller said last week that the Browns would beat the Steelers badly but obviously that wasn’t the case and “Matt” would like to hear from that caller in Texas now, after the fact.

Colin Dunlap believes the call is fake and Chris Mack, who initially thought it was legit, questioned it after hearing it again.

“If it was a prank call, where’s the payoff, what the playoff just getting through and just getting your Yinzer accent voice on the air with Ron Cook is that the payoff to the bit?” asked Mack.

Dunlap says the guy probably had three of his friends behind him laughing.

Do you think it was a crank call?