'PacMan' Jones: No room for Steelers fans on Bengals bandwagon

The infamous defensive back also says he doesn't see the Steelers as a threat
Adam "PacMan" Jones
Adam "PacMan" Jones Photo credit © Sam Greene/Cincinnati Enquirer / USA TODAY NETWORK

Infamous NFL defensive back Adam “Pacman” Jones is like a proud father seeing his former team punch their ticket to the Super Bowl for the first time in over 30 years.

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PacMan Jones doesn't want bandwagon Steeler fans
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Talking to Andrew Fillipponi and Dorin Dickerson, Pacman said if you’re a Steelers fan pulling for the Bengals in two weeks, they don’t have room for you.

“We don’t want none of the Pittsburgh fans jumping on the bandwagon,” said Jones.

He did admit though that if the roles were reversed he would’ve been pulling for the Steelers over the Chiefs.

“If your division is going to the championship every time, that says something strong about your division,” said Jones.

Jones also sees the Bengals not being a flash in the pan and the offense will keep them in the Super Bowl discussion for the next several years.

But what about the threat the Steelers pose? Jones says Pittsburgh isn’t even on his radar.

“They just got rid of Big Ben,” said Jones. “Only people on our radar right now truthfully is the Ravens because they on and off, they defense needs to be a little better and keep the quarterback healthy through the playoffs, that’s the only thing about it, [Lamar Jackson] hasn’t been healthy through the playoffs.”

One thing that Jones and Steelers fan agree on, they don’t see Cleveland being a threat with Baker Mayfield under center.

“I hope they sign Baker to a five-year deal,” said Jones.

Featured Image Photo Credit: © Sam Greene/Cincinnati Enquirer / USA TODAY NETWORK