Kenny Pickett, Steelers quarterback?

Poni wants to see it happen, Dorin Dickerson...not so much
Kenny Pickett
Kenny Pickett Photo credit © Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Is the next star Steelers quarterback already playing football at Heinz Field?

PM Team host Andrew Fillipponi suggests that Kenny Pickett could be the next Steelers QB.

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Kenny Pickett To The Steelers?
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It might sound nuts, but as Poni points out it’s fair to argue, Steelers General Manager Kevin Colbert drafted Mason Rudolph after watching his performances against Pitt.

Colbert watches a lot of Pitt games and sees Pickett a lot and will likely be in the box on Saturday when the Panthers take on Clemson.

“Totally agree,” said former Pitt star and NFL player Dorin Dickerson when it comes to Colbert watching Pickett against Clemson.

But Dickerson isn’t all on board with the Steelers taking him in the first round, adding that drafting people locally can cause issues.

Dickerson adds that if it came down to offensive coordinator Matt Canada, he would love to have a running and passing quarterback like Pickett.

Clemson head coach Dabo Swinney said this week that Pickett is an NFL-level quarterback.

Dickerson says that if Pickett is picked by the Steelers, the pressure may be too much because fans would expect a Super Bowl from him. If Pickett hypothetically wins the Heisman Trophy, the pressure would be doubled.

But Poni says he would love to see what happens if the Steelers do indeed draft Pickett.

“They need a quarterback, I want it to be Aaron Rodgers, but I feel like the Steelers don’t have the guts to go out make a move like that, so when I’m looking at things that could happen, all I’m asking everybody right now is let me know how it feels when I say Kenny Pickett, Steelers quarterback,” said Poni.