Big Ben stays true to his word, takes a pay cut

The move also saves $15 million in cap space

Ben Roethlisberger has stayed true to his word and has signed for a lower salary contract.

According to several sources, the Steelers quarterback took a $5 million pay cut that will see him making $14 million as opposed to the original $19 million.

The move also lowers his cap it over $15 million. The hit is now $25.9 million.

His money will be spread through 2022.

While $14 million is nothing to sneeze at, Roethlisberger has done something that not many other quarterbacks have done, take a pay cut.

Peyton Manning took a pay cut in his final year with the Broncos and Tom Brady consistently signs team-friendly deals so he can get the best player. But with Brady it isn’t like he needs the money. Its reported his wife Gisele brings in more money.

Whether or not this ends up being a bad move for the Steelers, it shows one thing, That Roethlisberger is focused more on winning than money.

The move gives the Steelers a little bit of breathing room to try to sign some free agents and look around the league to figure out what offensive holes they can fill before the draft.