Bruce Gradkowski's restaurant has burned down


Bruce Gradkowski’s restaurant has burned down.

The former Steelers quarterback and weekly guest on The Fan is one of the owners of the Social Gastropub near Toledo, Ohio, where he played college ball. The restaurant went up in flames Thursday afternoon.

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Fortunately, fire department officials say no one was hurt in the incident. The town’s fire chief told the area’s ABC affiliate, WTVG, the building is a total loss.

He said boxes outside caught fire and the wind spread the flames to the rest of the building. The inferno was too strong to be stopped by a fire extinguisher.

In an interview, Gradkowski said he’s relieved nobody was hurt, but feels for the workers who have lost their place of employment.

“It hurts my heart, because I think of the employees. It’s just a special place,” he said. “This stuff, bricks and mortar you can replace, and that’s all good. But when you think of families and working and what they’re trying to do to support their families, stuff like this is hard. I’m super appreciative.”