Steelers stopped running the ball in Super Bowl XLV because 'someone' wanted MVP

Max Starks on why the Steelers stopped running the ball

It’s Super Bowl week so it’ hard not to reflect on the success the Steelers had in six of them, but they also have lost two, including their most recent trip to Super Bowl 45.

One of the topics that still comes up to day is why the Steelers didn’t continue to run the football when the Green Bay Packers nose tackle was such a liability.

Offensive tackle Max Starks opened up on The PM Team Tuesday about why they didn’t continue to hammer the run.

“I think we were trying to make sure that guys had opportunities for bigger trophies at the end,” said Starks, referring to quarterback Ben Roethlisberger. “I’ll just leave it at that.”

Starks said that it makes sense to put the ball in your “superstar’s” hands but the Packers were the wrong opponent try so many passes.

“I think if it was anybody else but the Packers that came out of the NFC that year, yes but the Packers [had] the number one secondary,” added Starks.

Many people point to Rashard Mendenhall’s fumble at the beginning of the 4th quarter as the big play that ended any Steelers momentum, but Starks says it was a perfect hit and the ball was going to pop out.

So what cost them the game?

“If you take one less pick away from that game, we’re talking about seven-time Super Bowl Champions instead of just six-time.”

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