'I'm out', #1 Pickett supporter Poni giving up on Steelers QB


Even Kenny Pickett’s biggest supporter has given up hope.

“I’m out,” said Andrew Fillipponi to start Monday’s edition of The PM Team. “I’m giving up, I’m tapping out here.”

With an obvious disappointed and sad tone in his voice, Poni said, “I think we going to look back on this game and say it was the beginning of the end for Kenny Pickett, as Steelers starting quarterback.”

“I don’t see any reason for hope, I don’t see anything that makes me think he’s going to overcome this or be better than this and after watching yesterday,” that’s where I’m at.

The Steelers 2022 first round draft pick has one touchdown in the past five games, two in the past seven and six all season (10 games).

Since the beginning of October, Pickett has two passing touchdowns.

The throws weren’t there. They’re not trying down the middle of the field, he’s overthrowing passes and missing wide open receivers and it’s not getting better.

Chris Mueller says if it was up for him, he would bench Pickett.

“You said it’s the beginning of the end, I think it’s already here, said Mueller. “Formally its not because they’re going to keep trotting him out there.”

Mueller adds he thinks the locker room has given up on Pickett.

“I think he’s losing his teammates.”

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