JuJu lays out what he wants in free agency and it includes what Big Ben decides

The Steelers wide receivers popped in on the Yinzhers podcast
JuJu Smith-Schuster
Photo credit © Ken Blaze-USA TODAY Sports

Receiver JuJu Smith-Schuster has made it well-known that he would like to stay with the Pittsburgh Steelers but there is what he would like and what he expects.

For the first time, the 24-year-old revealed what he is looking for in free agency.

Smith-Schuster popped in to say hi during the Yinzhers podcast while they were talking to his mother Sammy Toa Schuster.

Host Morgan Urtso came right out and asked, “so, where you playing football next year?”

“I do want to play for a team that competes for a Super Bowl every year that’s in the playoffs, obviously the Steelers are that,” said Smith-Schuster.

He also admitted that he is waiting to see what decision Ben Roethlisberger makes because he wants to “play with a great quarterback.”

The third thing he wants is to be paid.

“I do want to be paid a reasonable price a reasonable price for what I’m worth,” said Smith-Schuster. “I would love to stay with the Steelers, I would love to stay with them, but as of right now, it’s kind of just like up in the air, waiting it’s like playing chess, waiting to see where the pieces go and from there I’ll decide.”

The reality is the Steelers are up against the cap and even if Pittsburgh wants to keep him, he’ll probably get big offers from other teams that they won’t be able to match.