No panic button for Tomlin

Says the Steelers have strengths they can maximize

The Steelers are not the only underachieving team in the NFL. The Seattle Seahawks, New England Patriots and even the Kansas City Chiefs are also 1-2 so the local club has some distinguished company.

Of course, in Pittsburgh, we are told to not seek comfort, by coach Mike Tomlin his own self. But, while many of us may immediately reach for the proverbial panic button (it is fun, after all) Tomlin isn’t about to do that, either.

“We are not going to push the panic button,” the coach insisted at his weekly news conference. “We are not going to dramatically change who and what we are at this juncture.”

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“We have to continually do a better job as a staff to have an understanding of what are strengths and weaknesses are from a personnel standpoint and play to our strengths and minimize our weaknesses,” he continued.

Okay, but what are those strengths? Since injuries have clearly hurt the defense and led to some big-play breakdowns. I wondered what Tomlin considered strengths on offense since they seem few and far between. He actually went on for just over a minute.